Sunday, October 24, 2010


we have really hit a stride with our weekends of late.  summer was a rush of go go go, visitors coming and going and coming again.  now looking back, it was all quite a beautiful blur.  autumn has really settled us into routines and rhythms once more.  i feel like i get so much accomplished on weekends right now and it feels nice.  saturday we hung close to home,  kids were a little bit too whacky from all the inside time,  but saturday night while they slept and hubs watched his show on tv, i sewed like mad.  i ironed and seamed kellen's whole quilt top in one night.  i was feeling tired and my back was sore from not having a proper height work table,  but it was coming together so well i just could not stop.  my back was not happy with me....  but oh his quilt is beautiful.  i really love it. 
  sunday we decided early on that we would get out no matter what or where,  anywhere,  just outside.  sunday i almost always cook a hot breakfast, today was eggs bacon and toast. we then got dressed and went for a drive and stopped at a local spot to walk the woods. it was quite chilly today.  the high was only in the low 40's by the coast. so i drug up my down jacket for the walk.  hat, scarf, fingerless gloves, and my down coat,  you would think it was winter.  :)
we walked and stumbled upon the railroad tracks and watched a train go by, kids picked sticks upon sticks,  built fairy houses,  discovered BIG fairy houses built in the woods by someone else, i found a ring of unbroken birch bark and wore it home as a bracelet.  
  when we got home we started prepping our sunday meal.  (our new tradition)  this sunday corn chowder and bread bowls were on the menu.  hubby is the bread guy here,  he tried a new recipe today and portioned what was to be a loaf into 2 balls and baked them on the stone.  no idea if they would make bowls for the soup like we hoped.  they did.  perfectly.  soup smelled so good cooking in the cast iron dutch oven. (our new favorite thing to cook in!)  i again went to my beloved america's test kitchen family cookbook for the soup recipe.  bacon + onion + garlic + red skin potatoes + corn + cream =  yum. 
  only down side to the weekend is this seasonal cold the kids and i are fighting off.  sitting here tonight i feel worn out, but even with that little bit of not so good, i still feel oh so satisfied.  
   tomorrow? no school. 3 day weekend for the kiddos.  YAY!  i hear it may warm back up into the 60's this week. man i am loving this year's weather.


beth said...

sounds like my kind of weekend.....

Sarah said...

You're blog reminds me of all the things I love about Maine. I can't wait for my husband to move back someday soonish!

jodi said...

sounds pretty perfect.