Wednesday, January 26, 2011

no color required

i've been shooting all week solely in black and white.
my good friend Erika came up with the great idea and started a flickr group for "A Week of No Color".
I find it a challenge, instead of my usual, "oooh that's pretty!" and clicking away , I now really have to seek out the light AND the darkness and compose my shots rather than shooting haphazardly... click click click... (the beauty of digital lol)
so this week i am not clicking away, i am searching more, thinking more, stretching more.

join me over at Shutter Sisters today for more on this and a few easy editing tips i use quite often....


Erica said...

Beautiful light. Usually when I convert a photo from color to black and white I feel like I'm losing something, but whenever I take them in black and white I love them and think that they can convey more feeling then their colored counterparts. This is such a good reminder to get into the habit of taking some b&w's again! :)

Emom said...

Very nice....smiles