Saturday, July 30, 2011

market day

well my boys are off on their adventure.
and what a gorgeous day for it.
sunny and 80's, i have the house wide open letting it all breathe.

my momma, casey and i did make it to the market this morning.

radishes are just plain pretty by kristin~mainemomma

it was all kinds of beautiful. i seriously could have come home with 1 of everything...

litte green stars by kristin~mainemomma

i restrained. we did share one BIG blueberry muffin while we were there, and brought home a mixed bag of wax & green beans. (i love wax beans) casey was exhausted when we got home and did something she never does, took a nap! (in her brother's bed. i think she misses him already.)
a quiet saturday so far.

tonight my mom and i are going greek. 2 gyros with extra sauce please! yum.


*update: back from gyros. o.m.g. my breath might reek of garlic for a week now! seriously. but so worth it.


The Noisy Plume said...

OOF! Beautiful images. As usual. And that Greek gyro idea sounds delicious. I may do the same.

Barbara said...

gorgeous photos! Wish it was cool enough here to open up the windows. My boys are off on an adventure now - just me and my girl holding down the fort.

jodi said...

absolutely gorgeous! farmer's markets are so inspiring.