Monday, July 01, 2013


half of me by kristin~mainemomma
half of me, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
i just spent the last 11 days on a whirlwind road trip with my 2 youngest. we drove well over 1000 miles together.
ME to NH to MA to NY to CT to NJ to PA and back again.
we have made this trip every summer for the past 8 years since we moved to maine. my kiddos are road warriors. yesterday we landed back home. tired, but full. got to see so many family members and friends. met a brand new baby cousin, and an internet friend in real life for the first time too!

i deliberately left my laptop in maine so not to be tempted to work. now i have 11 days of catching up to do. 11 days of photos to sort through, process, post to my 365 project, and share with those we visited and with this space here.

this week marks the 26th week of Now You Workshops year long course, 52 of YOU. That means we made it to the half way point in our 52 week project. shout out to all our NOW YOU ladies doing the work these past 26 weeks! happy mid-way point to all of you. it's been an honor to see you challenge yourselves each and every week. cheers to the next half yet to come!

so now, it's good to be home, good to see my man who i missed very much, good to sleep in our own beds, good to get on with the business of summer vacation here in maine, hoping for many beach days to come.

so hello!
how are you?


P├ętra said...

I can't wait to see photos of your travels I always loved road trips as a kid! I've been a little bit of a bad blog reader lately but yours is still one of my favs. Sometimes we go through rough patches hopefully mine is going to be done soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello there momma! glad your back safe. xo Tracie

beth lehman said...

i loved your habit image today... i feel like that every time i leave both my sister and my besties. every time. it's hard to believe we are half way through... i have loved the challenge each week brings.


Cathy said...

Hello You, Welcome home! I can't believe we are half way though... oh no, now I am starting to worry. xox

Diane said...

welcome home. loved following your road trip on facebook. it is amazing that we are halfway though 52 and have 26 more weeks of this awesome journey that you and meredith have created! ox